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Naturelness is our job...

     A nearly young brand Doyum Natural Spring Water varieties of its products in a short time and became one of the most preferred of water brands, thanks to its fresh and delicious taste. And also, Doyum co. reached more population by supporting lots of international events and organizations.

     Doyum co. aims to become one of the best water companies in Türkiye and cares the needs and expectaitons of its customers.

     Doyum Natural Spring Water is packaged with the purest water from our deep, protected source dating back to tousands of years without any purification processes.

     Purity and mineral richness in Doyum Natural Spring Water is ideal for your health and ideal pH level offers you soft taste when meets the need of your body. Low level of sodium (Na) in water doesn’t couse kidney stones and prevents heart-vein diseases.

     Each of our bottled water products is tasted on every part of production. İt confirms to World Health Organization and Ministry of Health, safety standarts and they has. Already Doyum co. has TSE ( Turkish Standart Enstitue ) and ISO ( International Organization for Standartization ) certificates.

   Once you try our water, it will become indispensable taste of your life.