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From top of the mountains…

      Erzurum, surrounded by Palandöken range mountains with snow in every season, is a province of Türkiye in the Eastern Anatolia region. The city is famous for its fresh air, water and nature untouched. İndustrial corruption and pollution is at the minumum levels in Erzurum, especially hosting lots of civilizations and cultures for centruies.

     Our source at 2200m altitue is located at the Dumlubaba mountain far away 50 km. from the city centre. Doyum natural spring water, rises to the ground through all naturaly and safe ways, already isolated from all unwanted elements on source through a special technological system which is used by Doyum first time in Türkiye.

     We deliver the best quality spring water directly from source to the stores in our production facilities without exposing to light and even air by our reliable underground transmisson line. Water is bottled without any intervention of humanhand. Doyum natural spring water offers you for best quality and taste with all its naturellness.

     Our production centre covers 72000 m2 open area and 12000 m2 closed area in Dumlubaba, Erzurum. We have the capacity of bottling more than 1 bilion liter water annualy. Doyum Natural Spring Water is distrubuted to 50 cities in Türkiye and 7 countries.
     Doyum co. added most technological advanced glass bottled filling line to others in 2016 and managed to become the first and only company in the region producing glass bottled spring water. Today the company continues to grow producing with in 11 type of product on 7 different producing lines.

     Worldwide shipping services are avalible to supply customers natural spring water in highest quality. Please contact us for cooperation and for more information.